We install and service Fire Alarms in Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, Kerry & Waterford.


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Midwest Alarms

Fire Alarms

Catch Security Systems & Mid West Alarms install, test and commission Fire Alarm Systems. We also install communicators which are monitored by our partner Alarm Receiving Centre, ensuring a rapid response from the emergency services in the event of a fire alarm activation.

Maintenance and service are vital elements in ensuring any fire or security system remains effective and trouble free in operation in order that the integrity of the system is preserved at all times. We offer a comprehensive 24Hr, 365 days a year emergency service facility with highly trained engineers available to assist with technical support, enquiries, or if necessary, attend the site to rectify any problems.

Our initial visit starts with a Fire Risk Assessment, this involves a comprehensive assessment of the building. Based on the results of the assessment we can then design, install or replace any faulty fire alarm equipment to ensure the building complies with Fire Regulations. We then develop an ongoing maintenance plan in accordance with your requirements and relevant regulations.

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Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) System

An emergency voice communication system is a life safety intercom (or telephone) system designed to operate reliably in a fire alarm emergency. Its equipment and wiring must be monitored for faults that might occur prior to the emergency and its cabling and battery backup supply must ensure it keeps working during the emergency.

There are two types of EVC system; disabled refuge and fire telephone. A disabled refuge system typically connects handsfree intercom outstations to a central control room and is used to inform management that someone needs immediate assistance to exit the building. A fire telephone system is used by management (and marshals at a sports ground) and the fire service before, during and after a fire to communicate with fire marshals and fire fighters.

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Emergency Voice Communication System PDF