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Electronic Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems restrict how and when people enter or exit an area.

Access Control Systems monitor the movement of people or vehicles in a restricted area and identify individuals through the use of PIN Codes on Electronic Keypads, cards & fobs on Proximity Readers, Facial Recognition or Biometric readers – e.g. fingerprint readers.

These systems allow you to control who goes where and when. They can automatically lock or unlock doors at designated times and restrict access to individuals who are authorized to be there. Access control is the only technology that proactively attempts to keep unauthorized individuals out of a building or areas within a facility. Typical applications: Controlling Access into Schools, Creches, Gyms & Leisure Centres, Offices, Apartments, Car Parking Areas & Warehouses. These systems can also be used for Contact Tracing in the Workplace.

Limit Access

Systems can be programmed to allow certain users to enter specific areas only at designated times.

Other users can be allowed to enter all locations at all times.


Systems can automatically lock a door or gate each evening at a certain time and unlock it at another time. They can also be automatically interfaced with other Building Control Systems e.g. To release some or all doors in the event of a Fire Alarm Activation.

Replacing Keys

Using a different key for every door can be cumbersome and time consuming. Keys are easily lost or duplicated and past employees ofter do not return keys. Access control systems eliminate this concern by deleting the card from the system to deny the former user access, this can be done remotely.

Track Access

Keys are also anonymous. Access Control Systems create a detailed audit trail so you know exactly whose card opened each door and when. This can provide you with critical information before and after an incident. It can also facilitate Contact Tracing at this time.

Visual Verification

By including colour coded distinctive badges access systems can readily identify visitors, temporary employees, contractors and regular full time employees. By including a photo of the user on the credential you can help building occupants know the card user is the person to whom it was issued.

Access Control Product Downloads

Catch Security and Mid West Alarms have a longstanding relationship with the most innovative and trusted access control technology companies in the world. ACT Vanderbilt products and services are tried and tested over many years.

Vanderbilt ACT 2020

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Scalable access control solutions for medium to large scale enterprises from ACT Vanderbilt.

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ACTpro 4000

The ACTpro 4000 is a two door controller that can extend to a total of 16 doors via ACTpro door stations.

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ACT Pro 1520

The ACTpro-1520 is a single door IP Controller with 2A 12V DC PSU and includes a dual-port Ethernet switch. The ACTpro-1520 controller supports 60,000 users, 2,000 User groups, door station technology (ACTpro-100 and ACTpro-120) and is ideal for a single door or for systems that need to grow to thousands of doors.

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ACT365 is a complete cloud based access control and video management solution that enables you to manage your security system from anywhere, at anytime.

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ACT Enterprise Software provides all the functionality required to manage your access control system and provides for up to 4,000 doors (100 with ACT Enterprise lite) doors and upto 50 PC Clients.

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Designed and developed for ease of access into residential, commercial and public buildings. Digiway offers reliability, durability and aesthetics.

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The ACT 5 and the ACT 5prox are simple to use and easy to install standalone access control products.

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Cards & Fobs: Ordering Details & Product Compatibility.

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Manage Public Areas

ACT technology is flexibly deployed in many areas of industry and services

Manage access to busy public areas whilst preventing unauthorised access. Provide a safe environment for clients and staff. ACT provides safe access and fire safety with muster reporting.

Click on this link for a detailed video.

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems provide simple communication with a visitor to your property and allow remote opening of Access Doors/Electronic Gates or Barriers. They can be supplemented with visual verification where it is difficult to verify who is on the other side of the phone. Wired and wireless solutions are available for single dwelling, multi tenant Apartment Blocks and everything in-between. GSM option also offered for remote or unattended site access control.

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